• "ICI has provided maintenance services to LOS for many years. ICI's knowledgeable, safe, and prepared workforce have been able to meet our expectations during challenging projects. All levels of their organization have provided input resulting in project and outage savings".
    - Mark Thompson - Plant Manager - Basin Electric Power Cooperative - Leland Olds Station - Stanton, ND
  • "Big Stone Plant has a very strong relationship with ICI, developed over time and through a wide variety of projects. ICI has earned our trust and respect."
    - Jeff Endrizzi, - Plant Manager - Otter Tail Power Co. - Big Stone Plant, Big Stone, SD
  • "Stanton Station and ICI have a business relationship spanning many years. A strong safety culture, technical expertise and a wealth of experience make ICI an industry leader".
    - John Pelerine - Plant Manager - Great River Energy - Stanton Station - Stanton, ND
ICI is a team dedicated to building customer loyalty and lasting partnerships, by providing quality construction
technology at the best value: all the while assuring the highest standards of safety, skill, trust and accountability.

Industrial Construction Safety

ICI places high importance on safety. In order to be employed with ICI an employee must complete a Construction Safety and Health Course. We also require our employees to pass a five panel drug test annually. Construction safety begins with leadership which is why we require ongoing supervisor training through North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance.

Our supervisors complete a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) prior to the start of any job. Workplace safety relies on organization and planning prior to beginning any job. The JSA is completed efficiently so that our employees are safe and the job is done as quickly as possible.

Facility maintenance safety is our first priority. We draw our manpower from various trades and we understand that each trade has its own unique training and safety concerns. We validate that each employee has been trained in the safety protocol in their respective trade.

Contact ICI today with further questions about our safety programs and industrial construction safety.

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