Due to the weather, there will be no work today, December 6th for ICI at the following job sites: Antelope Valley Station (AVS) Leland Olds Station (LOS) For information on other sites please check with site supervision. Please stay tuned for further updates and stay safe!

Dec 06 2016 06:33am

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Dec 05 2016 10:53am

Some ICI folks making Holiday Wreaths at last nights Pinterest event!

Dec 01 2016 04:17pm

***UPDATED*** Due to the weather, there will be no work today November 30th for ICI at the following job sites: Antelope Valley Station (AVS) Leland Olds Station (LOS) Dakota Gasification Company (DGC) OTP Coyote Station Coal Creek Station (CCS) For information on other sites please check with site supervision. Please stay tuned for further updates and stay safe!

Nov 29 2016 07:03pm

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Here at ICI our highest priority is to protect our most valuable resources, our employees. It is our goal to provide every employee with a safe, healthy and productive work place with safety at the forefront of every decision we make. ICI believes safety is everyone’s responsibility; every member of our team is tasked with taking personal ownership of their own safety and the safety of others.

ICI has put safety policies and procedures in place, while implementing proven safety strategies, in order to achieve our goal of zero incidents. Our philosophy is to recognize the positive, safe actions of our employees to affect changes that promote safe behavior. This along with coaching, modeling, and consistent intervention assures our employees go home safe and healthy at the end of each day.


Recently ICI established its Cardinal Rules of Safety. These rules focus on the most common OSHA violations in construction. They are designed to raise awareness of day to day behaviors that may lead to injuries. We want our employees to think of their safety before each and every action they perform. These rules reinforce our expectation that every employee make the safe choice when met with these challenges and plan safety into each decision, task, and project we face.

Good Catch Program

The Good Catch Program is ICI’s new near miss program designed to encourage reporting of hazards before an injury occurs. An effective near miss program aids in the prevention of injuries. By definition a near miss is anything that has the potential to cause injury, illness or property damage. By pairing this program with our Safety Rewards Program, employees are encouraged to report all near misses as well as safe behavior. In doing so, employees earn points to use towards items from ICI. We want to encourage safe, positive behaviors and reward those that assist in the process of reaching our goal of zero incidents.


ICI strongly believes that in order to achieve our goal of zero incidents we must be proactive with our safety efforts. Our safety audits are a big part of our success. The audit process is an internal evaluation of ICI’s site safety management system and processes through inspections, interviews and documentation. Two to three person teams, of various positions inside the company, conduct these audits twice monthly to identify and correct unsafe equipment, conditions, processes, and employee work practices. Safety audits are conducted primarily to provide the safest work environment for our employees.


Striving Towards Excellence and Professionalism in Safety is a corporate wide safety initiative designed to develop, implement, champion and sustain a program that will meet annual safety performance goals. This program focuses on five major components:

  1. Management commitment and involvement.
  2. Train on all applicable subjects contained within our corporate safety and health program.
  3. Develop and implement an accountability program to generate results.
  4. Implement loss prevention best practices throughout the corporation.
  5. Audit our company for alignment with STEPS objectives and communicate results.


The mission of the ICI Health and Safety Committee is to develop and promote a healthy and safe work environment for all employees through the involvement of all ICI employees and craft personnel. Comprised of a management representative, a facilitator/safety professional, and craft representatives, the committee draws experiences and points of view from its broad-based, multidisciplinary team.

The committee accomplishes its mission through activities such as bi-monthly jobsite safety audits and reviewing incident reports while recommending corrective actions. The committee’s activities strongly support ICI’s efforts to continuously improve its safety program.